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Is it possible to modify spousal support years later?

When a couple in Virginia chooses to end their marriage, there are a variety of different decisions that they must make. In some cases, one or both people may be eager to move on with their lives. This could mean they may make certain concessions -- including how much spousal support will be paid -- without much argument and sometimes without a full understanding of the future implications of such decisions.

Temporary child and spousal support order for Kevin Garnett

Most people in Virginia who have gone through a divorce would likely claim that, although the process can be difficult, it was in their best interest to choose that path. While there are some couples who may be able to come to an agreement without asking the court to intervene, there are others who will need that intervention. For example, a family court recently ordered former NBA player Keven Garnett to pay $100,000 a month in child and spousal support.

How is spousal support determined in Virginia?

If you are like most people in Virginia, you have likely spent a great deal of time and effort into planning for the future. Unfortunately, this concern can prevent some people from taking action in their life that could ultimately result in more happiness and less conflict. That is, some people may delay seeking a divorce over financial concerns. In a situation such as this, having an experienced family law attorney on their side can help as they address their financial concerns, including whether and how much spousal support one party must pay.

Spousal support sparks additional litigation in contentious case

While the divorce process is typically portrayed as being filled with bitterness and anger, many couples in Virginia have found that it is possible to resolve issues with their spouse without this anger. However, in some situations, couples are unable to work together to come to agreement on spousal support and other issues. In fact, one couple in another state is now revisiting their original agreement after certain incidents led the woman to believe that her husband's financial situation had changed.

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